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Rules for membership

1. Respect your instructor and fellow class participants regardless of their background, religious beliefs, race, sexual orientation, gender, physical/mental ability.

2. Arrive to class on time, ensure you are training with clean clothes/uniform, and keep your personal hygiene in check (cut toe/finger nails, no open wounds, do not come to training if you have a contagious sickness, wear deodorant, bring a sweat towel, clean up after yourself).

3. Treat the training space with respect, keep the space tidy and neat.

4. No purposeful violence. No swearing, no bullying, or putting down or ridiculing others.

5. No unnecessary talking during training.

6. You must pay your fees before class begins and keep your payments up-to-date.

7. No consumption of alcohol,drugs, illicit substances or smoking before or during training. No consumption of alcohol, drugs, illicit substances or smoking whilst wearing any kind of capoeira uniform.

8. No tops off in training.

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